Die Regentrude (The Rainmaiden)

based on the tale by Theodor Storm
a play for children as of 6 years and adults. With dance, theater and music

Nominated for the 8th Leipzig Award for Dance 2012

From the rationale of the jury: A dancer, an actress and a singer skillfully join their artistic means to create this playful story using strong images. Effortlessly they switch from one role to the other, convert the stage into a magical place using objects from nature as requisites. In a very sensitive and authentic way they let the audience participate. Theater that truly attracts all generations.

There hasn't been such a hot summer in a very long time. The fields run dry and the water supplies are almost empty. Something needs to happen. There must be rain again. Three people are challenged to act in order to survive. A dancer, an actress and a singer set out for this journey and soon have to face the question of where to go. They might have to do something they have never done before. But, how else should it start to rain again? We walk with them through drought, fear and misery and witness the moment when hope and trust recur. Maybe something unexpected comes on their way?

The earth needs rain,
the sun needs light,
the sky needs stars,
by the dawn of night,
the bird needs a branch
to build a nest,
men needs a heart,
for his to trust

Dance and Acting Katja Rogner, Anna Städler, Elena Janis
Stage Direction and Choreography Ulrike Schauer
Dramaturgy Stefan Ebeling
Stage and Costume Angela Zimmermann
Music Elena Janis / Ensemble
Production Kristina Patzelt
Director's Assistance Steffi Dautert
Lights Peter Schneider
Till Gathmann
Photo Tom Schulze

Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig | Armes Theater Chemnitz

Sponsored by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen | Stadt Leipzig | Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.